How Our JAMB Runs Work


   JAMB set same questions for candidates writing at same time..

— I.E: If you are writing at 7am, you are to answer same questions but jamb will scatter the numbering, your number 1 might be your friend Number 8 etc…


–We are to send you all questions and answers of your time 6Hours To Exam so you will have enough time to read and study well before going to the exam hall.

—Since you’ll not be allowed to enter the exam hall with incriminating material.

A serious candidate is expected to practice these

questions thoroughly and master their answers as we can not guarantee the specific question you would see.

To avoid leakage, the questions and answers will not be sent until 6hours to the time of your exam.

Perhaps, you have limited time to study it. We have chosen to apply this principle to avoid leakage of the questions.


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